Botticino Marble Silver Satin 600x600mm


The Botticino collection was taken from one of the precious stones in the world – the Amazon Stone. Amazon Stone was originally found in the Amazon Basin, formed with air flowing texture that washed out by river for all the year round. This stone is very rare and difficult to exploit. Amazon Marble acquires the high definition pattern of the natural stone, and overcomes the disadvantage of low abrasion resistance from digital glazed printing. The new technology creates not only the tile, but also the stone with international taste, fashionable style, and metropolitan design.

The tiles are being made through out the 7200T press machine and 1250℃ high temperature firing. So that it can have a higher resistant of dirt and have better abrasion resistance, also, the hardness can reach up to Mohs 7.

It is a product that can be use both on walls and floors. The flow lines can create a comfortable atmosphere of dynamic city.

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Product Description

MATERIAL: Porcelain 

STYLE:  Marble / Natural 

AVAILABLE COLORS: Claro, Crème, Silver.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 300×600, 600×600 400×400, 400×800, 800×800, 600×1200

AVAILABLE FINISHES: Polished and Satin

SHADE VARIATION: V3 Moderate Variation


Main floor tile

Balcony & Alfresco

Bathroom walls and floor

Kitchen splash back tile

Residential & Commercial