All first-quality tiles supplied by Ceramica Homes Pty Ltd (Ceramica Homes) are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. They remain an integral part of the flooring system for a period of ten years from the date of purchase for domestic use and seven years for commercial use.

The benefits conferred by this guarantee are in addition to, and not in substitution for, any other rights and remedies given to consumers in relation to goods under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (and similar state and territory laws) and are subject to the following terms and conditions.


All tiles must be laid in accordance with the Australian Building Code and the appropriate Australian standards and/or AS3958 (2007), "Guide to the Installation of Ceramic Tiles."

A tile is only one component of a much larger building system that requires careful planning before the tiles are fixed. It is strongly recommended that you employ the skills of a licensed tiler to install your tiles. Ensure that you and the installer have a written contract detailing the scope of work. Failure to ensure the latter has legal implications and may void any warranties. Furthermore, this guarantee will not cover situations where it cannot be satisfactorily demonstrated that substrate materials and fixatives were not fit for purpose. We strongly advise the use of our recommended and guaranteed adhesive and grout to avoid any warranty void.

Prior to Installation:

Ensure you discuss the design of your job and your expectations with the installer. Include any special arrangements in the contract, for example, the extent of cleaning required.

Ensure there are sufficient tiles to complete your job, as there is no guarantee that extra tiles of the same colour and shade can be supplied at a later date.

It is suggested that a small quantity of extra tiles be kept on-site once the job is finished. It can be very difficult to match tiles if repairs are necessary at a later date.

Shade variations are inherent in all kiln-fired clay products. It is possible that the tiles you receive will be slightly different from the sample or display shown to you in the showroom; this is normal.

Arrange for your tiles to be delivered well ahead of time. Check the tone or shade markings on all tile cartons to ensure you have been supplied with tiles from the same batch. Open two or three cartons and inspect the tiles for the correct colour and acceptable shade. Failure to ensure the latter may result in disappointment, as installing the product constitutes acceptance of the product.

After Laying:

Cleaning is the next step in the installation process. Ensure that the tiler removes all wax, grout, and grout residue. In the production of ceramic tiles, certain technical limitations will occur; these may manifest themselves in the form of minor marks and blemishes. The latter are generally considered to be a characteristic of the tile and not considered a defect. Under normal lighting conditions, these characteristic marks may not be noticeable. However, they may become obvious when highlighted by some forms of oblique lighting, e.g., halogen and high-intensity white lights. All tiled surfaces should be viewed from a distance of 1.5m under non-critical light.

All our online tiles are first quality tiles. If we help you to locate a product that is not online, then the life time guarantee might not apply. Please check with your sales representative before purchasing.

Ensure your expectations have been met by inspecting the finished job while the tiler is still on-site. Regular cleaning and maintenance must be strictly adhered to; otherwise, the guarantee may be void.

Mosaic Tiles:

Due to technical limitations in the manufacturing process, mosaic tiles are subject to greater shade variation than other ceramic tiles. Ensure that you are happy with the color and shade variation before installing the tiles. Suppliers will generally credit the tiles at this point in time; however, no claims can be made once the tiles have been installed.

Polished Porcelain:

Tiles are different from other ceramic tiles in that they are unglazed. It is therefore recommended, unless advised otherwise, that these tiles should be sealed.

Important Note:

Before sealing tiles, it is essential that they are thoroughly cleaned from all adhesive, grout, cement, and wax. Failure to do so will result in contaminants trapped below the surface of the tile. It is recommended that cleaning and sealing be done by the same contractor.

Optical Hazing:

Polished porcelain does not have the characteristics of a mirror and therefore will not perform as one. As such, it is subject to a natural phenomenon known as optical hazing, which presents as a smoky haze when the surface is struck by oblique light. Examples include early morning sun, halogen, and white lights. The effects of optical hazing can be minimized by careful design planning, such as the use of curtains and blinds, and careful placement of furniture.

Slip Resistance:

All ceramic and porcelain tiles can be slippery when wet. Liability will not be accepted for accidents due to inappropriate tile selection, maintenance, or carelessness. Please check with your builder for slip resistance requirements before installation.

Ceramica Homes Premium Tiles Lifetime Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Ceramica Homes Pty Ltd offers a lifetime warranty on all its premium product range against manufacturing defects remaining an integral part of the wall and/or flooring system under the following terms and conditions:

Lifetime warranty covers product cracking, crazing, fading, warping, expansion, and contraction.

Applicable products only – only Ceramica Homes premium product range is covered by this lifetime warranty, as identified on your tax invoice. All other first-quality tiles come with a 10-year warranty.

Domestic use only – warranty only applies where the product is used for normal domestic purposes.

Non-Transferrable – warranty, once issued, is non-transferable. Therefore, the warranty will expire should the purchaser dispose of the property in which the tiles have been installed. To avoid doubt, all subsequent purchasers acquire the product "as is."

Obvious defects prior to installation – if tiles provided by Ceramica Homes have an obvious defect or the wrong tiles or batch of tiles have been provided, which should be noticed prior to the installation, you should notify us immediately. Failure to do so, Ceramica Homes will be under no obligations under this warranty.

Suitable Installation:

To qualify for the lifetime warranty, all tiles must be installed using Grants adhesives or Ceramica Homes approved SMP2010/2 Part Rapid for Natural Stone. Proof of purchase of Grants adhesives must be provided. Installation must be in full accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and Australian Standard AS3958.1 2007. This includes requirements such as checking prior to installation that the tiles are fit for purpose, checking sufficient quantities of tiles of the same batch are supplied, ensuring that tiles from multiple boxes are mixed during the laying process to ensure blending, correct sealing of tiles is carried out as required, and so on.

Natural Products:

Warranty does not cover variations in colour, shade, pattern, or veining in natural stone, as these are all characteristics of these products.

Non-Valid Defects:

Lifetime warranty does not cover damage caused by structural movement, normal wear and tear, damage or defects caused by incorrect installation, lack of proper maintenance, accidents, abuse, or misuse. It is the purchaser's responsibility to satisfactorily demonstrate that substrate materials and fixatives are fit for purpose. Ceramica Homes reserves the right to determine if the fault is a valid or non-valid defect.

Spare Tiles:

You are expected to have available a minimum of 10% of the entire tiled area, or 3 boxes of tiles for the purpose of rectification. This is to ensure that should any individual tile display a fault, then they may be replaced without the need to replace the entire area.

To make a warranty claim, you must:

  • Provide satisfactory evidence of defects in the tiles purchased.
  • Provide the original guaranteed certificate identified in your tax invoice.
  • Provide proof of identity showing the current address.
  • All claims must be in writing and submitted within 2 days of discovering defects.

Valid claims shall be dealt with by Ceramica Homes at its complete discretion by any of the following:

  • Replacement of the same or equivalent product.
  • Repair or re-polish of the existing product.
  • Cash settlement.
  • Combination of the above.
  • Limited to the defective product only.

Please note, where the lifetime warranty does not apply due to the above terms and conditions, Ceramica Homes will continue to honour all relevant statutory warranty requirements.

How To Use The Warranty Claim Form:

Claims must be sent to service@ceramicahomes.com.au with the following information:

  • Client address and contact details.
  • Proof of purchase.
  • Images/video of faulty product.

These details will assist us in providing the best service possible.

The above form should be submitted when an item has failed to function as intended.

Please read our warranty returns and refund policy below prior to submitting your claim.

Should a warranty claim be made, an authorized Ceramica Homes agent has attended the location, inspected, and is of the opinion that the issue was caused due to incorrect or faulty installation or where the products were misused or conditions of the claim are void as per our policy, or if the warranty period has expired.

Ceramica Homes has the right to charge a service fee.